The 2020 Candle

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Please note that this candle is limited edition and will only be available as long as supplies last.


Don’t miss out on your chance to own this once-in-a-lifetime keepsake from this horrible year.


Smells just like the year

Every horrifying new development that 2020 has thrown at us hasĀ inspired the smell of this candle, which we guarantee will shut down your nostrils until 2021.

Own a piece of history

This year will be remembered for generations, and you were there to experience it firsthand.

Relive 2020 anytime, anywhere

Simply open the lid and feel the desperation and fear that accompanied every single day of this awful year.


Unlike the rest of our products, this candle contains paraffin in order to smell as strong as possible.

4 reviews for The 2020 Candle

  1. Tayla G (verified owner)

    This candle is exactly as described. If you give it as a gift for Christmas it will definitely shut their nose down until 2021.
    When I tell you that my nose, and face, felt dirty after smelling this candle, I mean it. I was thankful to have not showered yet for the day but even after, I kept getting whiffs out of the blue for a few days thereafter.
    The best way I can describe the smell is a mix between a zoo enclosure that hasn’t been cleaned for a while and a 20 year old dumpster that has absorbed all of the difference smells of trash over the years. I bought 5 of them to give to family and 2 had a hint of apple, so probably from different batches, but still just as horrific a smell.

  2. Drew (verified owner)

    The 2020 candle captures the aroma of a dumpster with rancid diapers, damp garbage, rubber and burning plastic for good measure. There is nothing that will move me to take this smell in without feeling revolted with a literal stank face. The Stinky Candle Co. has faithfully created the most offensive smells and I praise them. Thank you for your artistry and creativity even though my sense of smell regrets your brilliance.

  3. Rachel Como (verified owner)

    It made my whole family dry heave just like 2020. I hate it- well done!!

  4. Jupiter (verified owner)

    kinda smells like stinky feet

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