Urine Candle (4 oz)

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Join with us as we honor one of the most distinctive and recognizable scents on earth. It’s time to celebrate the body’s ability to relieve itself. As most of us will both begin and end our lives with no bladder control, consequently accompanied by this smell, we might as well get used to it.

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Weight 4 oz
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5 reviews for Urine Candle (4 oz)

  1. EJ (verified owner)

    This candle is hilarious! It brings pee to a whole new level.

  2. Jed

    URINE for a treat with this one! haha- urine jokes.

  3. Marie

    Truly gross……Truly gross!

  4. Frank (verified owner)

    smells not very much. and if you burn it, you don’t smell anything.
    rip off!

  5. Quandale Dingleton

    me and my kids LOVE this candle, it stinky to the core (just like us) thanks for a great product guys! love, me, my kids, and i.

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