Gasoline Candle (4 oz)

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A gasoline candle that won’t blow up in your face? I’ll take one. Admit it, you love the smell of petrol, but fear the brain cell loss. Well, now you can breathe in that unique smell while talking on your cell and even smoking (note: smoking kills). Relive your days as a gas station attendant or if you are really old, watching the Andy Griffith show on the Television–Fill Er up, Gomer!

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

7 reviews for Gasoline Candle (4 oz)

  1. Tom

    I love the smell of gasoline! It reminds me of my father’s 1972 Mach One fast-back mustang when I was a kid. For all the gear heads out there who love the smell of grit and engine this candle is it. I’ve never been too big into candles but there is something about Stinky Candle Co. that feels right.

  2. Jennifer

    Ok, it smells like jet fuel, sort of. I was looking for more like “real gasoline into your gas tank” kind of smell. So if you like a super mild jet fuel, your good!!

  3. Andy Root

    got this candle for Christmas and was pretty happy I would have given a better rating but you should really think about changing the name to bad gas because thats exactly what it smells like gas that has sat in the tank to long and is no longer good if you don’t believe me you should go to a wrecking yard and smell some old gas tanks
    p.s I wrote this on the crapper

  4. Sadie (verified owner)

    Oh how amazing this candle it! I don’t even like to burn it — I just huff it periodically throughout the day. Next best thing to getting cancer by sticking your face in front of a gas nozzle.

    (I never leave reviews, so that says a lot about how much I love this candle.)

  5. Daniel Chambers

    I’ve been kicked out of so many gas stations due to huffing so much Gasoline. The closest station I can legally go to is 300km away. this is the perfect candle for those mid-day cravings

  6. Morgan R (verified owner)

    I got this candle because I’m pregnant & having a craving for the scent of gasoline. I know that’s really unhealthy, so I figured I would research a candle that is gasoline scented. I came across this candle, and after researching I ended up ordering it.

    Shipping: super great, took about 5 days and I could track the candle the entire time. 10/10!

    The candle: I love it. A lot of people find the smell of gasoline repulsive, so when I burnt it I got a lot of complaints from the family. Of course, I wasn’t complaining ( lol )
    It doesn’t smell directly like gasoline ( it would probably be a bit concerning if it did)… it has more of a bbq scent, with a mix of gasoline. Regardless, it is perfect for me. Again 10/10

    Whether you buy this candle to light it or smell it as it is, I definitely suggest it!

  7. George Collins

    this is by far the most incredible candle I’ve ever smelt. In 2018 I was admitted to the ICU for huffing gasoline; the gas cut off blood oxygen pathways to my brain and I passed out on the concrete, resulting in severe head trauma. The extensive hospital stay and medical bills put me into irrecoverable debt and ruined my relationship with my wife. This candle helps me get my fix as I try to get back on my feet. I’m looking for God. She took the kids. Donald Trump is still the president

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