Looking for a unique gift?


You’re in the right place.

This person you’re buying a gift for – what’s their favorite scent?  Or least favorite scent?


Either way, we probably sell it.


No matter how weird, unusual, unique, or even disgusting the desired smell is, you’re most likely to find it here.

But why stinky candles?

Because you can’t find them anywhere else.


Gasoline.  Nacho Cheese.  Baby Powder.  Chlorine.  Dill Pickle.  Slightly controversial?  Perhaps.  Easy to find?  Nope.


That’s why we exist.  To celebrate non-generic, exciting scents that you can’t find in any other candles.

Okay, but as a gift?

Yes, think about it.


Our sense of smell is most connected to memory, so choosing the right candle will result in the perfect gift for your recipient.


Are they a swimmer?  The Chlorine Candle.  What about a gardener?  Potting Soil.  An avid car-lover?  Go big with the Gearhead Package (Gasoline, Exhaust, & New Car).

Are you running any promotions right now?

Yes – but only for a limited time!

If you buy today, you will receive the following discount:


Free Shipping with 3 or more candles


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  • Chlorine Candle (4 oz)

  • Bacon Candle (4 oz)

  • Sale!
    Brave Buy

    Fart Candle (4 oz)

  • Mary Jane (4 oz)

  • Timber! Candle (4 oz)


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