Stinky Candles?  Really?


Yes really.

What’s your favorite scent?  Or your least favorite scent?


Either way, we probably sell it.


No matter how weird, unusual, unique, or even disgusting your desired smell is, you’re most likely to find it here.

But why stinky candles?

There are two types of people in the world:  those who breathe deeply when pumping gas and those who hold their breath.


And to the deep breathers, we say:  save your brain cells, we have a candle for that.


But if the forbidden acridity of gasoline isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we carry your guilty pleasure too.

Okay, but are they accurate?

Yes, they absolutely are.


We work with laboratories and scientists all over the globe to find the most accurate scent possible for each and every one of our candles.


When you remove the lid to your Stinky Candle, we want you transported to whatever memories are most connected to that scent.  Even if that means finding yourself in a urine-soaked rest stop.


No judgement, we promise.

Are you running any promotions right now?

Yes – but only for a limited time!

If you buy today, you will receive the following discount:


Free Shipping with 3 or more candles


Check out our best sellers below, and use the “See More” button to find the rest of our products.

  • Chlorine Candle (4 oz)

  • Bacon Candle (4 oz)

  • Sale!
    Brave Buy

    Fart Candle (4 oz)

  • Mary Jane (4 oz)

  • Timber! Candle (4 oz)


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