The #BeMyStinkyValentine Challenge Details:

Join the #BeMyStinkyValentine challenge to win A FREE STINKY CANDLE! We want you to take your classic Valentine’s Day plans…and add a little surprise. A stinky one. Challenge instructions are as follows:

1. Prepare your classic Valentine’s Day setup as usual.
2. Find a way to make it stink! Literally or figuratively. The more stinky you make it, the better your chance of winning. If you’re having trouble thinking of something, feel free to use one of our Stinky Candles to spice up the night.
3. Take a picture/video of your creation (and, if possible, your partner’s reaction), tag @stinkycandle on either Instagram or Facebook, and add the hashtag #BeMyStinkyValentine.
4. Follow us on either Instagram or Facebook to see our post announcing the winners!

Whoever submits the most creative/horrifying stinky Valentine will be rewarded with a free stinky candle of their choosing! Second and third place winners will receive a discount code for 50% off their favorite stinky candle of choice.

Good luck, stinkers! Let’s make Valentine’s Day 2019 the stinkiest one yet!

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