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How to Center Yourself Spiritually After Brawling with Bath & Body Works Employees

By March 10, 2021Uncategorized
Woman with bruised face

After 2020, there is very little that seems to surprise anybody anymore. However, we at the Stinky Candle Company have to admit that we found ourselves a little perplexed at the new customer service program our friends over at Bath & Body Works seem to be implementing.

We acknowledge that there seems to be a lot of attention paid to individual customers, but we’re not exactly sure how they are going to be incentivized to return to the store when they can barely see out of their puffy, swollen eyelids. If you do find yourself a recipient of Bath & Body Works’ hands-on approach to customer assistance, fear not! We at the Stinky Candle Company have created a checklist for what you should do to center yourself spiritually and proceed with your life.

1. Accept that you might need to start shopping elsewhere.

While being beaten mercilessly by the employee of the month might work for some people, if you have caused a ruckus by screaming, trying to escape, or attempting to defend yourself, you need to accept the reality that the establishment in question might not suit your needs. Also you’ll probably not be allowed back.

Take some time to research alternatives. In this case, there are several other companies that sell products like candles; some of which have scents that are far more exotic and realistic than what you might find in a brick and mortar candle shop. Furthermore, these companies will often ship you candles directly to your home so that you aren’t at risk of any further violence. Imagine that!

2. Take some time to relax with your favorite scents

This encounter has most likely left you… frazzled, to say the least. To give yourself the best opportunity of avoiding violent flashbacks whenever you stroll through a strip mall, try taking a bath while lighting any of these relaxing candles:

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3. Envision your future

Don’t let this moment define you. Look at the opportunities in front of you and don’t look back.

Specifically, you should definitely respond to one of the dozens of lawyers that are undoubtedly reaching out to you at this very moment, and get yourself a nice, fat settlement.

Just make sure to celebrate with an appropriately-scented candle when you’re all done.

While we hope these suggestions help those in need move on from these experiences, it’s always better to avoid getting in them in the first place, by safely ordering your candles online – particularly from a store that has some of the most unique scents on the market like The Stinky Candle Company.

Feel free to check out our collection by clicking on the link below, and use the codeNOTTHEFACEto save 15% on your order for the rest of March 2021.

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