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6 Stinky Candles That Smell Divine

By March 1, 2021Favorite Smells, Lists

We sell a lot of stinky candles.  Candles that make you literally hold your nose, run from the room, and/or start gagging (we’ve seen all of these).  We love creating conversation-ending candles and plan to continue doing so.  However, we also carry candles that don’t smell awful, but instead keep people ordering over and over again.  Here are some of our products that smell absolutely heavenly:

Lilac Candle

A true olfactory bouquet, the Lilac Candle transports you to the scented oasis of Monet’s Garden whenever it is lit.

Cotton Candy Candle

Close your eyes while this pretty little number is lit and you’d swear you were at the fairground.

Blueberry Candle

Sweet, delicious, and fresh.  Everything you love about blueberries contained in this candle.

Buttered Popcorn Candle

Buttery, rich, with a touch of salt – you can almost hear the 20th Century Fox opening fanfare as you lean back in your movie theater recliner.

Tomato Leaf Candle

The most recognizable scent from any vegetable garden, the Tomato Leaf Candle perfectly emulates the fresh smell of a tomato plant.

Colombian Coffee Candle

The Colombian Coffee Candle is an exquisite combination of richness and sweetness, underlined by subtle notes of caramel, making it extremely difficult to extinguish.

While these are definitely some of our most divine smelling candles, don’t miss out on our many other products that are both nostalgic and enjoyable.  Feel free to peruse our collection by clicking the button below.

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