Why stinky candles?

We’ve been asked this questions numerous times and it seems an appropriate topic for our first post. To those that ask, our reply is simple… Why not?

The candle industry is saturated with an endless selection of dull and boring scents with names like Turquoise Sky, Summer Wish, and Under the Palms. Upon sniffing these ubiquitous candles, they conjure up memories of… well, of nothing. I can’t think of a single memory I have connected to the sickening sweet smell of Vanilla Lime or Evening Lavender.

Here, you give it a try. I’ll name a candle and you try to recall a memory associated with it.

Pink Sands… what does that conjure up?

Or how about this one… Midnight Jasmine.

Ok, one more… Paradise Spice.

Anything? Yeah, me neither. Perhaps I’ve lived a shallow life but these candles just don’t do it for me.

However, if you put a candle like “Leather” in front of me, it magically conjures up the memory of my mother driving me in our old Ford Aerostar minivan across rural highways to the Play-It-Again Sports store in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, rummaging through their selection of battered and worn-out baseball mitts, finding one that fit my prepubescent hand and slapping it on the clerk’s counter along with my monthly allowance. Look out Little League, here I come.

So why aren’t there more authentic smelling candles that celebrate those everyday aromatic sensory experiences? Well, we at Stinky Candle are trying to change that, one sniff at a time.

What about you? What are some of your favorite authentic smells from life?